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Final Fantasy VI - About


1000 years ago, the legendary War of the Magi reduced the world to smoldering rubble, and with it, magic and the magical beings known as Espers simply ceased to exist. Since then civilization has rebuilt itself, this time on a foundation of pure science and logic. Still, those who yearn for power seek a way to revive the long-forgotten force known as "magic", and now, the discovery of a frozen Esper in a mine shaft and the recent sightings of witches and sorcerers could be the key that triggers a reenactment of that same war - only this time, civilization may never recover.


Platform: ???
Genre: RPG
Developer: SquareSoft
Publisher: ???
Players: 1
Discs: ???

Release Dates

Japan Flag Japan: 02/04/1994
USA Flag USA: 02/11/1994
Europe Flag Europe: No release