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FFX HD and FFX-2 HD Official Trailer

25 Mar 2013 by Nightmare
Finally, Square Enix has uploaded a video showing off the remastered version of Final Fantasy X. Models and assets have been updated and the graphics look better than those of the original game. The video also makes reference to Final Fantasy X-2 HD but unfortunately it does not include footage of this title.

The remastered games will also include International content which has been unavailable for some regions. Therefore expect Dark Aeons and Last Mission to be present. Apart from the International content, there will also be a trophy system. This means that you will be awarded with a nice trophy if you defeat the Dark Aeons and complete any other challenging sidequests.

As already reported, the remastered versions of Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD will be sold on the same bluray disc for the PS3 and on separate cartridges for the PS Vita. Prices have yet to be announced.
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Final Fantasy X-2 HD in the making

19 Mar 2013 by Nightmare
This week's issue of Shonen Jump reports that Final Fantasy X-2 HD will be released alongside Final Fantasy X HD. In the case of the PS3 version, Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD will be sold together on the same disc. However, in the case of the PS Vita version, the games will be sold separately. Unfortunately the magazine does not provide any information on the pricing and release dates.

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Is Final Fantasy VIII Planned for Steam?

13 Mar 2013 by Nightmare
Last August, Square Enix released the original Final Fantasy VII optimized for modern PCs. Now there are rumors that also Final Fantasy VIII will be optimized for modern PCs, however this time it will be released on Steam. This rumor could be true as recently some Final Fantasy VIII achievements have been added to Steam's database. We await an official announcement from Square Enix, meanwhile we'll keep our fingers crossed.

FF8 achievements in Steam:
• Draw 100 Magic
• Obel Lake Secret
• SeeD First Salary
• Unlock GF Diablos
• Unlock GF Ifrit
• Unlock GF Quezacotl
• Unlock GF Shiva
• Unlock GF Siren
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