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Final Fantasy XIV World Map

26 May 2010 by Nightmare
In the May 2010 newsletter, Square Enix attached a picture of the Final Fantasy XIV world map.

Underneath the map, there's the following text:
Come and explore beautiful Limsa Lominsa! You'll find newly-released details and images for this marine metropolis on the official site. Also, get a sneek peak at the entire Eorzean realm by checking out the world map — created for adventurers far and wide by renowned mapmaker, Roddard Ironheart!
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Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Vol 2

25 May 2010 by Nightmare
The second series of the Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts is finally available. The set consists of Sazh, Fang and Hope who are the protagonsists of Final Fantasy XIII alongside Lightning, Vanille and Snow.

These are collectable action figures for fans of Final Fantasy XIII, and can be purchased from the official Square Enix Store website (

Below are some photos of the collection.

These are photos of the previous series ie the Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Vol 1.

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