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Life in Eorzea #1

01 Apr 2010 by Nightmare
Square Enix Japan is making a series of videos called Life in Eorzea. The first video shows a blacksmith, a cook and some of the emotes available in the game.

Here's the translation offered by FFXIV Core:

Riekom: Hi, I’m Square Enix’s Riekom.
Julia: I’m Julia.
Aratam: I’m Aratam.
Riekom: Final Fantasy XIV’s alpha test is just around the corner!
Aratam: Oh, cool.
Riekom: Today we’re bringing you a quick look at Eorzea’s Limsa Lominsa.
Julia and Aratam are impressed.
Riekom: How about this view, huh?
Julia: It’s amazing. What a radiant sea!
Aratam: It definitely has a great, unique feel to it.
Julia: These must be shops.
Aratam: So many great-looking things are lined up. I’m having fun just window-shopping!
Riekom: I’m sure I’ll be spending a LOT of gil here.
Riekom: There’s even fish, and…

All three: Oh! CHOCOBO!

Riekom: There are many different kinds of people working in the city.

Aratam: Aw, she’s crying. I wonder if her boyfriend dumped her?
Riekom: Are you stupid or something? She’s slicing ONIONS.

Aratam: Such realistic movements!
Julia: We can even see the salt he’s putting in.

Riekom: I love cooking, so I feel right at home here.


Riekom: We’re also going to show you some character emotes.
Boys: Lalafell~

Creepy Mystery Voice: CUUUUUUTE…

Aratam: She’s dancing!
Riekom: The person controlling this Lalafell is a 30 year old guy.

Creepy Mystery Voice (Julia?): D’OH!

Riekom: This is just the first video, so we can’t show you very much. Sorry!
Riekom: From here on out, we’ll be showing you a lot of things from Eorzea through video, so look forward to it!

All three: See you next time!
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