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Nobuo Uematsu attending Distant Worlds

28 Jun 2009 by Nightmare
From the 9th to the 11th of July, in Seattle, the Seattle Symphony will be organizing a three-day performance of Final Fantasy music called "Distant Worlds". Nobuo Uematsu, who composed most of the music in the Final Fantasy games, will be attending this event. The times of the performance are: 7.30pm on July 9, 8pm on July 10 and 11. Tickets cost $25 each, but to meet meet Nobuo Uematsu at the reception held after the performance you'll need a VIP ticket which costs $100.
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Final Fantasy XIV Announced

02 Jun 2009 by Nightmare
In today's press conference, Sony showed new footage of Final Fantasy XIII. After that, Sony unveiled a new Final Fantasy game ie Final Fantasy XIV. Apparently Final Fantasy XIV will be an MMORPG, just like Final Fantasy XI. The logo was shown at the end of the trailer whose graphics were impressive. The game is expected to be released in 2010.
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FFXIII at Microsoft E3 Press Conference

01 Jun 2009 by Nightmare
As part of the E3 press conference, Microsoft presented Final Fantasy XIII. There was an English trailer showing the mechanics of the game. Apparently, there will be 4 ATBs which will allow you to perform certain combos. There was also a scene in which Lightning summoned Odin and fought alongside him. Square Enix concluded their presentation by announcing the release date (for the Xbox 360) which will be Spring 2010.
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