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Final Fantasy Agito XIII Trailer

17 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
A new trailer of Final Fantasy Agito XIII has been released. It appears that the game is set in a magic school and twelve students must defend their homeland from an invading military nation. Click "Read More" to watch the trailer. Read More
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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cutscene

17 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
In last year's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix showed an in-game video of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It's a cutscene in which Noctis and Stella interact with each other. You may find this video below.

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Videos of the Final Fantasy XIII Demo

17 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
Now that Advent Children Complete has been released in Japan, several videos of the Final Fantasy XIII demo have been uploaded online. As you can see in the video below, the demo is quite short but it reveals many aspects of this game including the battle system and also more hints about the story.

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Final Fantasy VII International on the PSN

10 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
Final Fantasy VII International is finally available for PSP and PS3 owners. It can be downloaded from the Playstation Network for 1500yen.

Final Fantasy VII International on the Playstation Network
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Dissidia's PSP Case

10 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
Porter has released a Final Fantasy Dissidia Case for your PSP which costs 11,950yen.

Dissidia's PSP Case
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Final Fantasy Game at MySpace

10 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
Square Enix has developed a new Final Fantasy game for MySpace called Dive II Hunt. The game is about Sorbet (Montblanc's brother from Final Fantasy XII) who embarks on a quest to dive and catch fish. By collecting fish you earn gil which can be used to purchase upgrades for your gear. Pay attention to the air meter which indicates how much air is left before you drown.

The game can be found here:
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English Dissidia Trailer

03 Apr 2009 by Nightmare
Here is the first Final Fantasy Dissidia Trailer in English! It explains the plot of the story that is the battle between Cosmos and Chaos. The heroes are on Cosmos' side while the villains are on Chaos' side. It is up to you to restore the balance between good and evil.

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