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FFVII: Advent Children - Characters

Cloud Strife

Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Description: Cloud is a failed experiment of the Jenova Project. Cloud joins Avalanche to defeat Sephiroth at the end of FF7. In the two years after that he started a delivery service called the Strife Delivery Service. He ferried goods across on his bike. Cloud was infected by the geostigma same as that covered his arm. With the loss of Aerith during their travels played on his mind. With the showing of Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz, Cloud is forced to fight again when they when they kidnap the children from Edge.
Cloud Avatar

Tifa Lockheart

Age: 22
Height: 5'4
Description: Is Cloud Strife's childhood friend from Nibelheim martial art Tifa Lockhart was the owner of Seventh Heaven in Midgar and a member of Avalanche which fought against Shinra and later went with Cloud to help defeat Sephiroth and is the key to help unlock Cloud's past and continues to support two years afer FF7. She rebult Seventh Heaven bar with the help of Barret and Cloud and continued to look for Marlene in Barret's absence, she was frustated by Cloud's condition and his insistence at segragating himself from his friends. Tifa later joined the rest of the group in battling Bahamut Sin in Edge.
Tifa Avatar

Rufus Shinra

Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Son of president Shinra he was vice president until the sudden death of his father at the hands of Sephiroth. Then was promoted to president of shinra inc he pursued Sephiroth to find the Promised Land. A journey that led him to face down the Diamond Weapon, the weapon shot a powerful blast which destroyed Shinra Tower but Rufus survived due to fast paramedics. Two years after FF7 Rufus was infected by geogstigma he obtained Jenova's head from the Northern Crater and asked Cloud to be a body guard against Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz. But was turned down and later Rufus was kidnapped which led to a showdown between the two.
Rufus Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Reno was put in charge of the Turks after Tseng was injured. Despite his slacker appearance you can normally see him fighting alongside Rude. He fights with an electric rod and communicate easily with his emenies Avalanche as shown when he calls Tifa for Cloud's assistance in Advent Children.
Reno Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: He is the complete opposite of his boisterous partner, Rude is the quiet composed other half. He fights bare fisted and is always seen wearing dark sunglasses. Although they were accidently broken by Reno in the fight against Yazoo and Loz. Rude always had a spare pair in case that should happen.
Rude Avatar

Vincent Valentine

Age: 27
Height: 6'0
Description: A former Turk he was put in charge of protecting the group of scienctists involved in the Jenova project: Gast, Lucrecia Crescent and Hojo. He fell in love with Lucrecia but it went unrequited when she choose Hojo instead. After the birth of Sephiroth, Vincent confronted Hojo. Only to be shot and put in a state of permanent agelessness by the mad scientist. He was discovered by Cloud locked up in a coffin under the mansion in Nibelheim. Vincent kept tabs on the development of Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, as he was able to inform Cloud of their origins after saving him from a disastrous battle.
Vincent Avatar

Aerith Gainsborough

Age: 25
Height: 5'3
Description: Aerith was last of the cetra a group of people closely atuned to the planet. A Half-cetra she was the daughter of professor gast and Ifalna. The Shinra believed that she held the key to the promise land but also Aerith held the key to saving the planet from Sephiroth as she was the only one capable of summoning the white materia holy which counters the effects of metoer. Her death enraged cloud and continues to haunt him despite the defeat of Sephiroth at the end of FF7. Aerith returns in advent children assisting cloud from the afterlife reassuring him of the gentleness in her death. She also provides the rain that healed the geostigma from cloud, rufus and many other children. Also she saved cloud after he was shot by yazoo.
Aeris Avatar

Barret Wallace

Age: 37
Height: 6'4
Description: Hailing from corel, Barret swore revenge on Shinra. When his hometown was destroyed from their malfunctioning mako reactor. He lost his best friend Dyne, and his wife Eleanor and his right arm in the ensuing conflict; all that was left was marlene, Dyne young daughter who he adopted under his care. Barret formed avalanche with Tifa, Jessie, Biggs and wedge faught against shinra inc in midgar by bombing their mako reactors. Barret helped Tifa and Cloud rebuild Seventh Heaven Bar in Edge But soon after its opening went to look for a new source of energy. On the last day before his departure he spent the night talking with his daughter. He regulary called back to speak with Marlene, but only returned to edge when Bahumut sin was attacking the city to battle alongside his comrades.
Barret Avatar

Cait Sith

Age: N/A
Height: 3'2
Description: Caith Sith was a talking black Cat perched on top a giant white moogle. It was actually robot controlled from elsewhere by reeve, a top employee of Shinra inc. While originally a spy who gave the key to the temple of the ancients, Cait Sith continues to travel with avalanche and eventually turns to their side, redeeming himself by sacrificing his puppet body to gain the black materia. While Reeve continued to rebuild midgar by forming the world regeneration organization, he sent cait sith in their battle against Bahamut sin in edge. He fought alongside Red XIII perched on his back.
Cait Sith Avatar

Cid Highwind

Age: 34
Height: 5'8
Description: Cid Highwind was originally an aspiring astronaut under the shinra space program, but his dream of going into space with the cancellation of the project as shinra chose to delve into mako energy instead. Cid himself pushed the abort button when shera refused to leave the rocket before her repairs were done. Cid continued to live in rocket until joining avalanche to fight sephiroth. His airship called the highwind was destroyed when the group escaped from the crumblinb northern crater. Cid returned two years later in his new ship, the sierra (was named after shera) to aid cloud and tifa in protecting edge from Bahamut sin's attacks.
Cid Avatar

Red XIII (Nanaki)

Age: N/A
Height: 3'7
Description: Orignally known as nanaki, Red XII was the last of his species, A wolf/dog hybrid capable of human speech. He was imprisoned as an experimental subject by Hojo of shinra inc., Who attempted to cross breed him with Aerith in a attempt to create a cetra with a longer lifespan. He escaped when Cloud, Tifa and Barret broke into Shinra headquarters to rescue Aerith. Red XIII Had always lived believing that his father was a coward but a trip to cosmo canyon proved that his father had actually their homeland all along. He continued to accompany Cloud in persuit of Sephiroth, and returned two years later to aid avalanche in battling Bahamut sin in edge.
Red XIII Avatar

Yuffie Kisaragi

Age: 18
Height: 5'2
Description: Daughter of Godo, lord of wutai Yuffie was a spunky headstrong ninja adamant about recovering her hometown's lost glory in the war with shinra. She embarked on a trip to collect (or steal) materia, which led her to meet with avalanche and join them ( for their materia). After the battle with Sephiroth, Yuffie surprisingly entrusted the group's materia to Cloud, Who left them on the floor of Aerith's church. Yuffie has called Cloud to inform him of the missing children from wutai, but made her return by parachuting into edge to assist the group in their fight against Bahamut sin. Yuffie landing showed that she had to get over her motion sickness, something that plaqued her during her travels on the highwind.
Yuffie Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Leader of the turks Tseng served president shinra and later Rufus directly directly. Although he did care for Aerith, he kidnapped her under order President Shinra's order and later travelled to investigate the temple of the ancients. It is there that he was severly injured by sephiroth, but was able to recover and returned to duty. He and Elena investigated the northern crater in the later half of the two years but were caught and tortured by kadaj Yazoo and Loz. Their Bloodied identity were presented to Rufus as proof. Tseng made another comeback as he and elena present to support Rufus after the ex_president showdown with kadaj.
Tseng Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: A rookie turk she was promoted to join the seniors when Reno was injured in his plan to destroy sector 7. A bit lightheaded with a tendency to reveal core information to the emeny, Elena was extremely loyal to her boss and she focused on carrying out her duty as a turk. She had feeling for Tseng and took it personally when Tseng was injured by Sephiroth. She came with Tseng to investigate at the nothern crater after FF7 only to be defeated caught and tortued by Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo. She made her return to back Rufus up after the latters showdown with Kadaj.
Elena Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Sephiroth is ultimately the absolute of all evils and his presence is obvious in advent children.
He is the one that is keeping the conflict going. Cloud meets Sephiroth nears the end of the film. In the battle
that ensures Sephiroth explains that it is his purpose to use the planet as a vessel to find a new planet where he
can start a sort of arcadian world, a perfect society. He also says that he will not fade into memory, meaning he will not
give up his fight, in life or death.
Sephiroth Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Kadaj is the primary antagonist in Final Fantasy 7 Advent children and is in constant conflict with Cloud. He makes it clears that he wants mother for his reunion. with this all means is explained in the film. Kadaj is young and in a way naive. He is driven to have his Reunion even though he is most likely unsure what it means.Throughout the film along with two allies Yazoo and Loz, tries to get his reunion under way. He sees Cloud as a threat to this and acts accordingly. Kadaj has many connections to sephiroth most obvious his silver and his eerie cat like eyes. The cause of these connections is explained in the film. Kadaj,loz and Yazoo are spirit/pieces of Sephiroth. Their goal and needs are driven by Sephiroth.
Kadaj Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Loz is the same as Kadaj and has the same goals needs and that famous silver hair. He uses a machine on his arm to make him lightning fast and extremely powerful. This provides him with an advantage.
Loz Avatar


Age: N/A
Height: N/A
Description: Yazoo shares the same qualities as Loz and Kadaj. He seems to be calm and confident out of the three. Yazoo uses a gun rather than a close combat weapon like Kadaj and Loz, Which he uses to pelt cloud with bullets throughout the film. Yazoo resembles Sephiroth the most out the silber haired trio because of his long hair, yet it's also in his attitude.
Yazoo Avatar