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English Dissidia Trailer

03 Apr 2009 by chaosweapon
Here is the first Final Fantasy Dissidia Trailer in English! It explains the plot of the story that is the battle between Cosmos and Chaos. The heroes are on Cosmos' side while the villains are on Chaos' side. It is up to you to restore the balance between good and evil.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Video

22 May 2011 by chaosweapon
During the Dissidia Duodecim tournament, director Hajime Tabata played part of Final Fantasy Type-0 which is still under development. The event was recorded and can be found at the Nico Nico website ( It mainly shows the basics of the game, bosses, multiplayer content, some challenging missions, and also an airship which allows you to travel from one place to another in the world map.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 at TGS2011

15 Sep 2011 by chaosweapon
Two different trailers were shown at TGS2011, one with footage from the PS3 and the other with footage from the Xbox360. The trailers had different theme songs and the selection of event scenes was also different.

Hope and Snow made their first appearance in Final Fantasy XIII-2, they look somewhat different from the original Final Fantasy XIII. There was also a new blonde-haired young female character named Yuru. The mysterious man who appears in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 logo is called "Kaias", and apparently he travels with Yuru. In one of the event scenes, town residents turned into Cie'th and Lightning said that it was a future she was unable to protect.

During the event, Square Enix officially announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on the 15th of December (in Japan) and will be priced 7,980 yen. There will also be a PlayStation 3 bundle which includes a Lightning themed PS3 and the game, priced 37,960 yen. Overseas, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released on January 31st in America and on February 3rd in Europe.

It has also been confirmed that there will be downloadable content after the release of this game but no details were given at the event.

Finally, some information about the theme song or rather theme songs have been revealed. There will be 2 different theme songs depending on the region of the game. Mai Fukui's voice will be heard in the Japanese theme song while Charice will be heard in the American/European theme song. The girls will be singing variations of the same song. Each version has the same background music, but with different lyrics and arrangements.

Final Fantasy X HD Remake

15 Sep 2011 by chaosweapon
During the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced that it will be remaking Final Fantasy X in HD for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3. They described the HD remake as a "special 10th anniversary production". No trailers were shown at the event but Square Enix said that the specs for each version of Final Fantasy X will be similar.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan Meeting

11 Sep 2011 by chaosweapon
The fan meeting at the offices of Shinkuku Ward in Tokyo, organized by Square Enix and dedicated to Final Fantasy XIII-2, was held yesterday. The director Motomu Toriyama has provided few additional details about the release of the title, which apparently will be announced at the "Tokyo XXXXXX". According to what was reported by Famitsu, the number of "X"s stand for the Japanese translation of "Game Show", so a reference to the TGS 2011 is more than evident.

In addition to this, Motomu Toriyama shared some more details about the game.
- The release of DLC is still uncertain, as well as the launch of a limited edition.
- Bonus content will be available to those who have the save data from the original FFXIII.
- The character development is handled by a system similar to Crystarium. Even creatures that join the party will benefit from the system.
- The game will include more than 150 types of monsters.
- Compared to the prequel, this time chocobos can be ridden everywhere.
- The red chocobo returns.
- The Moogle alongside Serah and Noel comes from Valhalla.
- Although slightly shorter than its predecessor, the game will take several hours to complete due to time travel, side quests and mini-games.
- Most of the old cast will appear in FFXIII-2. Some of them will be playable.
- Serah and Snow are not yet married, but Snow seems to have a good reason for that. We'll discover the implications of the affair in the final version of the title.
- The amount of time devoted to the development of the game is equal to a year and a half. The game is currently 90% complete!

Final Fantasy XIII-3?

11 Sep 2011 by chaosweapon
The "Corporation Service Company" has registered the internet domain name This announcement is really surprising due to the fact that Final Fantasy XIII-2 hasn't been released in Japan or America yet. The Corporation Service Company is known for registering domain names for titles by Square Enix such as and Is another sequel to Final Fantasy XIII coming out? We'll find out in less than a week during the Tokyo Game Show.

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