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Final Fantasy XIII-2 at E3 2011

07 Jun 2011 by chaosweapon
At the E3, Square Enix showed a full trailer of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The Japanese version of the game is set to be released in December this year. Also, there will be an update to the PS3 version of the original Final Fantasy XIII which will add Easy Mode since right now this is only available to Xbox360 players.

Noel's surname has been revealed to be Kreiss and we also get to hear what his voice is like. A new combat system called Cinematic Action has been introduced which in the trailer is followed by Lightning riding on Odin in Gestalt Mode and fighting Chaos Bahamut.

From what is heard from the trailer, one wonders why the people think Lightning is dead and why Serah is the only one who holds on to the belief that she may still be alive. What does Noel mean when he says that he wants a future in which everyone lives and how does he fit into the story? Why does Lightning fight Chaos Bahamut and does he have any connection to Fang? I guess we'll find out in the coming months or when the game comes out.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Teaser Trailer

03 Jun 2011 by chaosweapon
Gamespot posted a 20 second teaser trailer of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The characters shown are Lightning, Serah, Noel and Team Nora. The battle system appears to be the same as that of the original Final Fantasy XIII, including the paradigm shift and ATB system. More information is expected in the coming days especially during the E3 event period so stay tuned.

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